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NavDock™ Reviews

"Things to be Excited About: Very quick to start up and connect...the iPod can be removed from the dock at any time...displays album art...full shuffle and repeat options for playlists...useful shortcuts on the remote to get to music and videos..."

"The Tekkeon NavDock is one of the best and cleanest docks that I've ever tested....The NavDock should be on anyone's short list when it comes to playing your iPod media on a big screen."
Consumer Electronics Net

"Tekkeon's NavDock Home Media Center is a neat device that lets users navigate their iPod offerings on their television screens...Setup was easy and painless: true plug-and-play capability."

"Among the coolest of [iPod] accessories is Tekkeon's NavDock...Setting up the NavDock was a snap...The NavDock's interface, which appears on the TV screen, i s a little different than the iPod's interface, but it's just as easy to use."
Smart Computing

"You've got the cursor control here and it's very responsive...It's great for parties...and when you're in a hotel you can watch your favorite videos or TV shows..."
YouTube - Get Connected

"I find the NavDock’s menus to be the most elegant and easy to use when compared with the HomeDock Deluxe and the TuneCenter."

"Connecting the NavDock is a one-time breeze... NavDock's strengths far outweigh its weaknesses, and [it] is reasonable for what's included in the package...What I like most about NavDock is that it affordably repurposes an obsolete iPod that you'd otherwise ditch, instead using it to replace a CD/DVD player."
ComputorEdge Online (PDF)


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